Saraswati Services Activities 


Intercultural Curriculum Support work Promoting Cultural Awareness
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The Activities are:  - adapted to meet the needs of different ability children
- planned to provide for the National Curriculum and Early Learning Goals in Pre-School, Nursery, Infant, Junior, Primary and Special Schools, as well as Education Centres and other establishments
- catered to meet each school’s requirements and done in a group, class, year group, whole school, Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1 or 2 and inother situations where necessary
- based mostly on features from India. The term ‘Indian’ is used in a generic manner. In many places, the customs, traditions, costumes, festivals, music, dance, art, food, cooking, etc from India may be similar to ones from the neighbouring countries.

Choose activities from:
  • Finding out about Costumes from India and dressing up
  • Traditional Art and Painting through
    - Mehndi/Henna body art
    - Rangoli floor art
    - Sand art
    - Alpana wall and floor patterns
    - Tikoli with dots & lines
    - Diwali story scenes
    - Block printing - using small wooden blocks
  • Art Appreciation - Miniature and Madhubani paintings
  • Music and Dance
    - Listening to a variety of music
    - Exploring musical instruments
    - Watching dance on DVD/video
    - Folk dance using sticks
  • Exploring Artefacts
    - Prayer Items – Idols/pictures of the Hindu Gods, conch shell, bell, diya/lamp, poojathaali, prayer beads, mandir/shrine, kalash/container, etc
    - Ornamental home decorations
    - Board games – carom, old bagatelle
    - Small models of traditional items – spinning wheel, butter churner, grain grinding wheel, sitar musical instrument, etc
  • Storytelling
    - Stories about the festivals
    - Other religious stories 
    - Traditional animal tales
    - Tales from all over the world
  • Rhymes (or stories) told in Hindi/Bengali languages, with follow-up class activities
  • Talks or Discussions about
    - Worship, praying and beliefs’
    - Hindu Gods and Goddesses 
    - The National Symbols of India
    - The Geographical features 
    - The Diversities of India – regions, languages, scripts, food, music, dance, religions, celebrations, festivals, greetings gestures, etc
    - The Festivals of India – Stories about how different festivals started in the different parts of India
  • Cooking and food tasting
    - Sweets, a variety of Indian bread, onion bhaji, fried rice, mixed vegetable dish OR
    - Suggest any other dish that you would like the children to cook
    - Tasting pre-cooked food
    - Tasting tropical and other fruits 
  • Question and Answer time

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