• "It was a good contrast to the May Day dancing the previous week. …… Although the children found it difficult to improvise dance moves at the start. After they had been shown a few and became more confident they really enjoyed making up moves to express themselves."

Year R-Y2 Teachers, Farnborough
Grange Nursery/Infant Community School, Farnborough

  • "The children engaged well with the lesson. They enjoyed the resources. The dancing was at a level they could all achieve at. …….. The children enjoyed the opportunitiy at the end to choose how they danced to the music."

Teaching Student, Farnborough Grange
Nursery/Infant Community School, Farnborough

  • “We have had another wonderful day learning about India with Susmita. The children were captivated by her storytelling and the traditional clothing and music which she provided. Poori making was a great success and the children were keen to taste their creations and talk about the experience with their families afterwards. Thank you."

Miriam Thorley, Early Years Leader,
St. Michael’s C.E. Infant School, Aldershot

  • Useful aspects - "Reception: Dressing up and trying on the outfits. Yr 1 / 2: Watching the clips of the dancing and the River Ganges. Children enjoyed a go at copying the moves to the music. Yr 3 / 4: Exposure to a Hindu creation story."

Teachers, Reception/ Year 1 and 2/ Year 3 and 4,
Woodcot Primary School, Gosport

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